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We offer
  • A balanced approach to work-life experience. 

  • Work with a truly superb teaching and administration team.

  • A great social setting and a challenging educational environment. 

  • Good pay, great experience and the potential for lifelong friends in the making. 

Keep in mind that the cost of living in the Czech Republic, just one hour by train from Vienna, may be far less than anything previously experienced.



We are a team of expert teachers and trained administration professionals which has come together to form the MORAVIA Language School in the South-East of the Czech Republic, Europe. The brand means quality in communication, top notch representation and we are known for loyalty in the services we deliver our clientele.

About us

The MORAVIA Language School is an independent body with accreditation, testing & certification authority in cooperation with the Anglia network.

Certificates and Accreditation


The MORAVIA Language School has been launched in order to service both Public Schools and Key Corporate Clients in the region at the highest level of responsiveness in delivery of our services.
While teaching Top Management and business professionals in Moravia, a little known wine producing jewel in the South-Eastern part of the Czech Republic, I engaged in two years of teaching at a high school helping young adults to prepare for their leaving exams and entry to the universities of their choosing. I then started working in partnership with the foremost O&G company in the country, successfully managing their Language Acquisition & Training Program with proven results.
Please join us as we set the standard in language learning in one of the most beautiful settings in the Czech Republic, Europe. 

- Language Training Supervisor

Key Persons
Language Training Supervisor

As part of our in company services the Language Training Supervisor brings expert consultancy to companies on behalf of our school.  

With expertise in corporate best-practice we are able to influence the motivation of employees related to language learning and track the Return On Investment made into language training overall.

Head Office

Jazyková škola MORAVIA s.r.o.
Kasárenská 4063/4
695 01 Hodonín

Czech Republic

Contact Person

Romana Matulova

tel.: +420 777 263 605

Company Owner, Key Account Manager, Public School Coordinator, Language Training Supervisor, Director of Studies, Director of Finance.

Moravia Language School
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Our teachers are a combination of Native English Speakers & expert teachers of the English language with qualifications appropriate for work in the Public School and Corporate client setting. 
Corporate teachers will have qualifications in teaching English as a second language with a clean police background and previous experience teaching business English as a minimum requirement. Teachers in Public Schools will have a clean police background with experience working with children as a must.

Our teachers have the full support of a Public School Coordinator and Key Account Manager regarding lesson planning and schedule logistics. Our teachers are engaged and inspired to deliver lessons specifically targeted to school curriculum or in-company needs.
MORAVIA Language School teachers are given access to a company car and smartphone to accommodate a tight teaching schedule.  Each teacher delivers up to 25 lessons per week with time for regular teacher training workshops, in house.
All teachers must have a valid driver’s license for use in EU countries.




specialized site for teacher recruitment


Theme based study with Native Speakers is critical to student learning and development in preparation for the wider world of language skills each child needs. The MORAVIA Language School offer with Native English Speakers is the ideal way to enable students to explore their abilities, share their views and help make English a key to their success.
Our Public School Coordinator works to establish a training program which fully supports each school's specific curriculum base. Each student works with a Native Speaker for a minimum of one teaching hour per month in order to practice a variety of topics, prepared in advance.
The monthly program is best supported by a one week intensive with Native Speakers delivering workshops in the classroom to support learning one full week of each year. This approach can further be supported by afterschool activities in English and the English Summer Camp which is run as a daytime program with close proximity to all schools.


The MORAVIA Language School makes budgeting for language training highly flexible and requirements are balanced with cost effectivity in a mix of language needs structured for results. Language training for our corporate clients is offered in group, mini-group and individual flexi-lesson format.
The program is fully adjustable in real-time according to company strategy and changing demands. Our Key Account Manager handles our corporate clients and our Language Training Supervisor is available to consult with Human Resources to apply best-practices and determine best fit. In this way our corporate client offer is proven to meet the challenges of international business.
Effectivity is measured in terms of progress in all areas of learning via proper testing over time. Motivation, in terms of attendance review, is also delivered to company HR as required. This information is delivered in detailed reports including the proper tracking of all aspects of student learning in their language training program with us.


We offer:
Top Management Training and General Training in English.
English for Business, Presentations, Meetings & Negotiations, Business Writing
and Telephoning skills.
English for Legal, Accounting, Human Resources and other purposes, for example Oil & Gas.
Turnkey Translation Services
for business professionals,

EN <> CZ.

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